Congress and post-Congress tours

City Sightseeing Tour

Price per person Euro 50

An ideal opportunity to view historical places in the centre of Moscow, the capital of Russia. The tour starts in the heart of the city, at the Red Square. After observing St. Basil's Cathedral, Lenin Mausoleum, the State Historical Museum and other sights of the area we move along the Moskva River embankment. On the way, we enjoy views of Kremlin, and continue to the Cathedral of the Christ the Savior, New Maidens Convent, Moscow State University. Visit to the Sparrow Hills observation spot opens outstanding view on Moscow. Then we travel to the Memorial Complex at Poklonnaya Hill and Victory Park, Triumphal Arch, Kutuzov Avenue, New Arbat, Boulevard ring, Pushkin square, Tverskaya street and end the tour at Manezhnaya Square.


The Red Square and Kremlin Grounds and Cathedrals

Price per person Euro 60

The Kremlin at the center of Moscow is an outstanding historical and architectural monument that serves as a symbol for the whole Russia.

In Old Russia the word "kreml" meant the central, fortified part of a city. The Moscow Kremlin that originally was made of wood was mentioned in the chronicles in 1156 as "Moscow fortress".

Moscow Kremlin is a unique architectural ensemble. It is famous for the ancient Sobornaya (Cathedrals') Square and cathedrals: Cathedral of the Annunciation; Assumption Cathedral where Russian tsars and imperators were crowned; Cathedral of the Archangel was a burial place for Grand Princes; Church of the Deposition of the Robe; the Patriarch's Chambers; Ivan the Great Bell Tower. The world-famous Tsar Canon and Tsar Bell became symbols of Moscow, and at the Senate Square, one can see buildings of former Senate and Arsenal (monument of architecture of Peter the Great time). The Great Kremlin Palace used to be a residence of Russian tsars and imperators; nowadays it is a residence of Russian President.


The Armoury Chamber & the Diamond Fund

Price per person Euro 75

The Armoury on the Kremlin grounds contains a unique collection of Russian, Western and Eastern arts and crafts, luxury carriages and harness, gifts of envoys, jewellers’ art. It is the most fascinating museum of Russian applied and decorative art which reflects customs and traditions of the Russian nation.

The Diamond Fund Includes unique precious stones, world-famous masterpieces of jewellery. There are the former coronation regalia among them which are of great historical and artistic merit.


The Tretyakov Gallery

Price per person Euro 55

The State Tretyakov gallery is a national museum of Russian art of X-XX centuries. Russian factory owner Pavel Tretyakov founded it in XIX century, and now this extraordinary museum is one of the largest museums in Russia.


The Ancient Estate Kolomenskoye

Price per person Euro 60

Old village of Kolomenskoye situated in the southern part of Moscow is a unique place where the relics of Russian history were created and kept for centuries. Kolomenskoye was first mentioned in chronicles in 1339. Since the 14th century Kolomenskoye had been the summer residence of Great Moscow Princes, and then - Russian tsars. Nowadays Kolomenskoye Museum-Preserve is one of the most picturesque and popular places in Moscow. On the territory of Kolomenskoye it is planned to create the Ethnographic complex.


3 days/2 nights

St.-Petersburg was founded at the estuary of the small Zayachy island on May 27, 1703. The Russian Tsar Peter the Great personally supervised the construction and named the city after his patron saint. In 1712-1713 the Tsar’s Court and the governmental offices moved there from Moscow and thus St.-Petersburg became the capital of the Russian Empire. In 1918 the capital was transferred back to Moscow. St.-Petersburg today is a city of major industrial enterprises, scientific centers, higher educational establishments, theaters and world-famous museums: the Hermitage, Petrodvoretz, the State Russian Museum and others. It is one of the most beautiful cities of the world.

Price per person in double room – EURO 380.

Single room extra charges – EURO 90 (per night).

Extra air fare Moscow–St.-Petersburg–Moscow – EURO 290.

Extra train fare Moscow–St.-Petersburg–Moscow (1st class) – EURO 210; (2nd class) – EURO 180.

This post-congress tour includes all bus transfers, accommodation (two nights) in the Park Inn Pribaltiiskaya hotel in downtown, tours in St.-Petersburg.

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