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City Tour

A city tour usually starts with a panoramic view of the centre of St-Petersburg from the Vasilievsky Island You'll see a magnificent facade of the Winter Palace and visit the Peter and Paul Fortress with the spire of its famous cathedral sparkling in the sky. Having crossed the Neva you'll find yourself at the Bronze Horseman and the St-Isaac's Cathedral and then go to the Nevsky Prospect. The stroll along the Nevsky Prospect ends at the Alexander Nevsky Lavra – religious complex that includes the Cathedral, Necropolises and the Academy. Then the bus takes you to the Smolny and Tavrichesky Palaces with neighbouring gardens. You'll see the Mikhailovsky Garden and the Russian Museum, enjoy the view of the Mars Field with the beautiful Church of the Savior-on-the-Blood. The Palace Square with the building of the General Staff and the Alexander Column are the next destination of a city tour. The bus heads for the Theatre Square to show the guests the Mariinsky Theatre, the Conservatory, the St-Nicolas Cathedral. Duration 3 hours.

The Hermitage

The Hermitage collection is the largest museum collection in the world, spanning pre-history to the late 20th century and spread throughout five buildings each of those is an architectural gem both inside and out, with regal facades, opulent staircases, frescoes, gold statues and interesting theme rooms. Duration 3 hours.

Peterhof (Petrodvorets)

Peterhof, one of the oldest summer residences in the vicinity of St.-Petersburg. Peterhof is known as “the capital of fountains”, there are tens of mysterious fountains in the gardens of the palace. Peterhof with its Grand Palace, large Lower Park, fountains and cascades, is a magnificent monument to Peter the Great, to his victories and also to he glory of the Russian Navy. On the other hand, Peterhof has a lot of small and cozy palaces, such as Monplaisir, Marly and Cottage Palace in the romantic Park Alexandria. Duration 4 hours.

Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo)

Tsarskoye Selo, or Tsar's village, was the home of the Imperial family from the days of Peter the Great right up to the time of the last Tsar Nicolas II. It is a fascinating monument of the world's architectural and gardening arts. Here you are in a beautiful English style park, unrestrained by the geometrical formality of Russian Versailles. The compositional center of the ensemble is the Catherine Palace, containing exquisite objects d'art, furniture, paintings, unique collection of porcelain, amber, bronze, etc. The Tsarskoselsky Liceum, an elite school established in Russia in the early XIX century for noble offsprings which the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin attended, is situated next to the palace. Duration 4 hours.


Pavlovsk is one of the pearls around St.-Petersburg. A delightful romantic English park with the palace and pavilions was built in 1777 on the land of Catherine II and presented to her son Paul I to honor the birth of Alexander, her first grandson and the future Russian Emperor. The Pavlovsk Palace looks like an Italian palazzo. Up to these days Pavlovsk has been famous for its antiques and art collections. Great music has always been heard in Pavlovsk. Many great musicians, Tchaikovsky and Strauss among them, were invited to the palace to perform Duration 4 hours.

Regional Pre- and Post-Congress Tours


Pskov is situated in the north-west of Russia, 280 km from St.-Petersburg. Pskov is a very ancient city, it was first mentioned in chronicles in 903. Pskov has a rich cultural heritage, which is evident from the vast number of ancient monuments (over 300). There is a natural combination of ancient monuments (fortified walls with towers, churches and monasteries, and merchant's chambers) and modern buildings. Pskov's historical destiny as a warrior intercessor was reflected in its monuments, especially its architecture, an extraordinary, permanent, genuinely popular epic in stone. A full-day tour lunch inclusive.

Boat tour: Valaam & Kizhi

Valaam archipelago consists of fifty islands. Valaam nature is wonderful: sheer rocks raising high from the depths, little islands, capes, bays... Straits, lakes and sullen granite rocks reflect everything in their azure, and tall coniferous trees complete the marvelous, magnificent picture. The history of this northern archipelago goes back to the ancient times. The legends ascribe the first Slavic settlements on the Valaam to the IX-X centuries. Every stone of Valaam constructions is bound up with history and Russian monarchs. Practically all Russian tsars participated in Valaam reconstruction. By energies of Peter I and Empress Elizabeth the church of Assumption, the five-domed cathedral of Transfiguration, and the church of Christmas was reconstructed and consecrated. This place was visited by emperors Alexander I and Alexander II together with his family. Nowadays Valaam attracts by its intact nature, the spirit of the past time and Our Savior Transfiguration Monastery, which active again, rising high over the waters and surrounded by primeval forest.

Kizhi island is situated in a wonderful country of blue lakes, waterfalls, hillocks and barren rock of Karelia, on the picturesque Onega Lake. Kizhi island is famous for its 14th century wooden architecture. The Kizhi open-air museum has 70 monuments among of which there are chapels, peasant houses, windmills, barns, blacksmith's shops, roadside crosses. Some of them have been preserved on their original sites, some were moved to the museum from other parts of Karelia. The Church of the Transfiguration- dating back to the 17th century, the amazing creation of unknown masters of the past built without single nail astounds with its height and the 22 beautiful domes.Duration 3 days, 3 nights.


Veliky Novgorod is a chance to learn the authentic history of Russia. Here the history appears as a visual ensemble of material monuments - from domestic antiquities, found annually during archaeological excavations, to monumental architectural buildings of all centuries starting from the X century. The historical monuments of Novgorod and its suburbs are included into the UNESCO List of World Heritage. A full-day tour lunch inclusive.

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